Water drop

Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

All forms of residential & commercial window cleaning, including post-construction jobs with two cleaning options: traditional squeegee/scrubber cleaning for smaller jobs, and a unique European process for large jobs. We use a lightweight carbon pole that reaches 5 stories and cleans with pure water. The water goes through a proprietary 5 stage filtration with the goal of zero total dissolved solids, leaving a crystal-clear droplet-free shine. Find out more about our window cleaning techniques.


Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

The Pacific Northwest is hard on roofs with moss, mold and algae cutting the lifespan of your roof in half without routine maintenance. Scraping, scrubbing and power washing only damages tiles more and drives mold further into the structure of your home. Our roof cleaning service uses a cutting edge soft wash technology that eradicates mold & moss by using a carefully balanced solution that is as mild as possible, while still getting long-lasting results and ending the vicious cycle of decay. We also take every precaution to protect the plants around your home and the environment by diluting the overflow and using a neutralizing agent that makes this process safe for everyone. Soft washing is endorsed by the Roof Cleaning Institute of America as the only way to safely and effectively get rid of mold from your roof.


Exterior & Gutter Cleaning

We can do any kind of exterior cleaning, including siding, deck, railing, eavestrough cleaning and more. We use the same soft wash technology on siding and other surfaces, managed through proper balance of chemicals that preserves finishes and has a minimum effect on the environment, unlike power washing which allows algae and mold to penetrate deeper. This solution is professionally mixed bleach, water and a surfactant additive that leaves a protective coat on siding and decks and is disposed of safely through dilution. This process preserves your home for the future, rather than damaging finishes or driving mold further into the envelope of your home.


Maintenance & Repairs

Simplify the process of maintaining your property by getting the whole package: we can do some maintenance such as cleaning window screens, cleaning frames and tracks, eavestrough and downspout repair, dryer vent cleaning, stove hood cleaning, fixing gates and fences, painting, and more. All you need to do is ask! We are your home detailing experts and can keep your property in top shape without the headache. Give us your 'honey do' list' today!